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Armour-Tech soft ballistic blankets for car floor protection will protect against the impact of two hand grenades type DM51 and protection for high velocity fragmentation to Stanag 2920. In face-to-face situations it will stop 9 mm and 357 Magnum bullets according NIJ-0101-04 Level II.


For military vehicle and ship protection projects we deliver protection for the impacts of EFP/IED/MINES and up to Stanag 4569 level IV (12.7mm and/or 20mm FSP artillery frag and 14.5 AP soviet machine gun).




  • Available for various US, European and Russian made fixed-wing and rotary-wing.

  • Lightweight panels for 7.62 and 12.7 rifle (both lead and AP core) protection for floor, lateral, seats and outside armour.

  • Meets environmental constraints such as: humidity, thermal and mechanical shock, abrasion, vibration, flame, fire, and smoke accoustics.



  • Provides a complete perimeter ballistic protection shell for the crew.

  • The armour suit is based on the use of composite and ceramic materials, as well as transparent armour, providing high protection while meeting strict weight limitations.

  • The armour is effective against small arms fire from rifles and artillery fragments, as well as against anti-tank mine blasts under the front or rear wheels.

  • The armour shell provides overhead protection against airburst and shrapnel.

  • The kit comes with a minimal additional weight.


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