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Armour-Tech is your ideal partner for day-to-day business or to help in special tender purchases based on the principles of strategic alliancing. We work only with prime quality sourced products, lightweight and competitively priced. All products are made under ISO 9001 and/or AQAP 2110 quality norms and are fully traceable and produced in a transparent way for customers, giving them the highest ballistic performance in the marketplace. The products mentioned in this website have been sold globally for over 23 years.

We offer the products mentioned in this website and we provide the necessary technical information to compare. We have developed

even more soft and hard armour solutions than shown in this website and special technical product files are available. We are able to offer other types of protection products on special requests.

Our unique combination of ballistic experience and technologies makes us your perfect partner in outsourcing needs.

We understand your business!

UHMWPE in molds.
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